We are more effective if we are able to stand together as individuals, organizations, and communities who share progressive internationalist and humanist values. The symposium brings together international cooperation practitioners, environmentalists, youth, indigenous leaders, human-rights activists, immigrant associations, feminists, local governments, civil society leaders, issue-specific experts, advocates and academics to encourage dialogue across sectors. The symposium creates a learning environment through a combination of keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops that strengthen individual and collective capacity to engage Atlantic Canadians and provide them with tools to be more active global citizens. In bringing diverse voices together, the symposium lays the groundwork for further concerted action and collaboration based on a spirit of global solidarity that contributes to “bold and transformative steps which are urgently needed to shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path.” [UN, Transforming our World, 2015]

Southern Speakers Fund

This fund provides opportunities for Southern partners to dialogue with Atlantic Canadians on issues and demonstrate impact of efforts in international cooperation. The Southern Speakers Symposium Fund will  support the participation of an international guest to the region to speak at ACIC’s annual symposium. Guidelines can be found HERE. Application form for fund can be found HERE.

2017 Symposium

Common Concern: Standing Together as Global Citizens will enable us to reflect on the seismic shift in recent times of the global political landscape - evidenced in the election of a demagogue to the most important political position in the world, volatile referenda and electoral results in Europe, and racist, war-mongering, misogynist and anti-planet discourse, including here in Canada. Together we will explore what role Atlantic Canadians engaged in promoting social justice locally and globally can play in countering these forces that threaten the values of global citizenship - human rights, democratic participation, rule of law, public deliberation based on dialogue and access to accurate information, and environmental sustainability. See the 2017 Program HERE.



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