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Prince Edward Island Members

Connect with our Prince Edward Island Members, learn more about how they are making the world a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

If you are from PEI and would like to join our membership, or learn about a member, reach out to the PEI Coordinator, Choyce Chappell at

Organizational Members

Cooper Institute

Cooper Institute is an education and community development centre in the province of Prince Edward Island, Canada. The main program areas of the Cooper Institute are livable income for all, food sovereignty, democracy, diversity and inclusion, protection of land and water, and improving lives of migrant workers in the province. Within these programs, they conduct research and popular education projects on provincial, national, and international level.

Farmers Helping Farmers

Initially called the International Family Farm Exchange Association, this registered charity is now simply known as Farmers Helping Farmers. Working with their partners in Kenya, they have carried out several hundred development projects, worth more than $10 million Canadian, including funds contributed by CIDA. These projects are estimated to have touched the lives of at least 100,000 people and they're still going strong after more than 35 years.

International Sustainable Community Assistance

ISCA-AIDC creates opportunities for communities in need by helping them build sustainable agriculture systems. In its work, ISCA-AIDC strives to adhere to the values of right of self determination, dignity of individual, mutual respect, fairness, participatory process, project sustainability, sustainability and cooperative approaches.

Latin American Mission Program

The Latin American Mission Program began in 1967 in response to the Second Vatican Council call to share church personnel with developing countries, especially Latin America. Latin America Mission Program offers a challenging, first-hand experience on how most of the world’s population live. LAMP welcomes youth (or those young at heart) to participate in the Dominican Republic Faith & Justice Experience.

University of Prince Edward Island - Applied Communication, Leadership, and Culture

University of Prince Edward Island's Applied Communication, Leadership, and Culture program explicitly connects the communication skills and leadership training of a liberal arts education to successful post- graduation employment. This degree program is defined by its focus on the transferability of the written, oral and visual communication skills, the critical thinking, and the cultural awareness acquired during a liberal arts education to the world beyond academia. Technical skills, work-integrated learning (internships, cooperatives, workplace-generated projects), and career-related mentoring are key components of its design.

Individual Members

Catherine Ronahan

Catherine has more than 10 years coaching and facilitating individuals/groups in career development

Eliza Knockwood

Eliza Knockwood is a Two Spirit Mi'kmaq filmmaker living and working out of Epekwitk (also known as Prince Edward Island, Canada). She started her career in the broadcast television industry at the young age of nineteen. Within a year she became the production coordinator on a television series and held that role for three years. In 2006 Eliza began her journey with documentary films and has directed several self-produced shots and community productions. In 2021 Eliza directed her first longer form project called The Ice Walk which was initially created in partnership with Bell Fibe TV1 and then repackaged into feature length film. She has just wrapped filming another short form series titled Gina'matimg - Time of Learning and is currently developing a feature documentary titled The Rite of Passage.

Jennifer Fox

Jennifer Fox has been interested in international development since youth. Through a post-graduate study in
International Education (School Leadership) and with 20 years of Home Economics and Health teaching,
Jennifer has established a commitment to building capacity internationally. Jennifer has a BSc from UPEI,
worked as a teacher in the Yukon and Northwest British Columbia, interned with CIDA in Malawi, Africa (2004-
05) and has recently been trained in Humanitarian Education from the Canadian Red Cross.

Keyshawn Bonamy

Keyshawn came to Canada from the Bahamas in 2015 to study Economics and Political Science at the
University of Prince Edward Island. Graduating in 2020, she became the Executive Director of the Voluntary
Resource Center, building upon years of volunteer work with Rotary International, WUSC, and other groups on the island.

Leo Cheverie

Leo Cheverie is a longtime social justice, environment, labour and global justice activist from PEI. He is committed to working with others to work on economic equality and human rights as well as strengthening community. He is a past WUSC Alumni Award winner and CUPE PEI created "The Leo Cheverie Activist Award" in recognition of his contributions to CUPE and labour movement. Currently active with WUSC and Breaking The Silence Guatemala Maritimes Solidarity Network as well as serving on some ACIC Committees as well as involvement with Fight for Affordable Housing and Trade Justice PEI closer to home. The climate crisis and work towards a more equitable world keeps him active as well as being rejuvenated by the vibrant music and cultural scene in the Maritimes. Leo works as a library technician at Robertson Library, UPEI and is proud to be from PEI's Easternmost tip, East Point.

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