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Nova Scotia Members

Connect with our Nova Scotia Members, learn more about how they are making the world a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

If you are from Nova Scotia, and would like to join our membership, or learn about a member, reach out to Membership Manager, Raushni Abraham at

Organizational Members

Breaking the Silence Maritimes-Guatemala Solidarity Network

The Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network (BTS) is a voluntary network of people in the Maritimes who began to organize in 1988 to support the efforts of Guatemalans struggling for political, social, and economic justice.

Coady International Institute

Established in 1959 by St. Francis Xavier University (StFX), Coady Institute is committed to accompanying generations of global leaders skilled in the application of citizen-led, asset-based, and community-driven leadership for economic and social change. In collaboration with partners in Canada and across the globe, the Institute is committed to reducing poverty and transforming societies by strengthening local economies, by building resilient communities, and by promoting social accountability and good governance. Coady Institute is committed to breaking down and transforming the North-South divide by bringing people together to exchange innovations and learn from each other. Through relevant adult education programs, effective partnerships, and applicable research, Coady Institute is equipping community leaders and their organizations with the knowledge and practical tools needed to bring about the change they want for themselves.

Connecting to Africa

Connecting to Africa aims to facilitate opportunities for Nova Scotian groups and organizations of African descent to engage in partnerships with groups and organizations in Africa. The organization aims to engage in Africa’s development means to assist in the transformation and expansion of capacities for Nova Scotians of African descent, as well as Africans on the continent.

Dalhousie University, Government and Global Relations

Dalhousie, Faculty of Agriculture International Office

Founded in 1905, Dalhousie's Agricultural Campus has come of age and stands at the threshold of a new era in agricultural education, training and research. The Faculty of Agriculture is a Canadian agricultural college and faculty of Dalhousie University located in Bible Hill, Nova Scotia and offers the only university level programs in agriculture in Atlantic Canada.

Dalhousie, International Development Studies (IDS) Department

Dalhousie's IDS department is one of top development studies programs in Canada and train people to be active, engaged and informed citizens.

Ecology Action Centre

The Ecology Action Centre is a member-based environmental charity in Nova Scotia. Since 1971, they've taken leadership on critical environmental issues from biodiversity protection to climate change to environmental justice. The Ecology Action Centre acts as watchdog, convener, mobilizer and incubator, and engages community to create systemic change in the face of urgent, complex environmental issues.

North Star Skills for Development

The company can be contacted to engage in short-term consulting assignments abroad, or for in-Canada mentoring of those interested in working abroad. The company can be contacted to engage in short-term consulting assignments abroad, or for in-Canada mentoring of those interested in working abroad. The company can be contacted to engage in short-term consulting assignments abroad, or for in-Canada mentoring of those interested in working abroad.

Saint Mary's University, Global Learning and Intercultural Support Office

Saint Mary's University's Global Learning and Intercultural Support Office provides students the opportunity to round out their education with hands-on experience and international connections by studying abroad. They are committed to ensuring an equitable opportunity in their study abroad programs and providing high-quality international learning experiences for students of all abilities and backgrounds.

Tatamagouche Centre

Tatamagouche Centre is a non-profit educational, conference and retreat centre located in the village of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. Tatamagouche Centre holds international recognition for its adult education and facilitation training and programming.


Venture 2 Impact uses human centered design and design thinking to approach complex challenges and work with global communities to increase digital resilience and advance gender equity, education, economic opportunity, and well-being for all.

WUSC (World University Service of Canada)

WUSC is a Canadian non-profit organization working to create a better world for all young people. We bring together a diverse network of students, volunteers, schools, governments, and businesses who share this vision. Together, we foster youth-centered solutions for improved education, economic, and empowerment opportunities to overcome inequality and exclusion in over 15 countries across Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Wisdom2Action Consulting Limited

Wisdom2Action (W2A) is a social enterprise and consulting firm specializing in community engagement, creative facilitation, research and evaluation, knowledge mobilization and equity, diversity and inclusion. Wisdom2Action incorporated as a business with a social enterprise commitment in 2019, building on their legacy as a national knowledge mobilization network, founded in 2013, supporting youth serving organizations across Canada.

Youth Art Connection

YAC supports and trains youth from marginalized backgrounds to use their artistic skills to develop personal economic development skills (business, careers, personal money management), diversifies the local economy (supporting youth from diverse backgrounds including immigrants and refugees to participate in the work force), as well as social end community engagement through focused social impact projects, or integrating artistic skillsets into larger projects or organizations focused on development. While YAC focusses on meeting youth ‘where they are at’; locally, their goal, as the name states, is to CONNECT them to provincial, national and international opportunities.

Individual Members

Becca Bishop

Becca Bishop has been a community development practitioner for over five years with a degree in community development from St. Francis Xavier and formal training from Coady International Insitute. She is an advocate for cross-sector collaboration, transparency, and accountability and takes an asset-based approach to engaging young people as global citizens. Through her work as a Community Developer for HRM, Becca has supported community and public sector organizations to enhance their facilitation, capacity building, and public engagement efforts. Alongside the local community development work she leads, Becca is a consultant for international development projects. Currently, she is leading the youth public engagement activities for CARE Canada’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights project.

Bobbi Zahra

Bobbi Zahra is a public servant who works with Fisheries & Oceans Canada, where she teaches and trains in
IT/IM. Outside that role, she has always been active in her community and is presently the President of the
Board of Halifax Theatre for Young People, an independent theatre company that commissions and produces
work of enduring value for young people and their families. She is a Holocaust scholar, with a great interest in
post-Holocaust theology. Although she has a Twitter account, she is somewhat sporadic in its use, but you will
find her by the Twitter handle - @sleehah.

Keith Forsythe

Keith Forsyth was a public Chartered Accountant for many years in Nova Scotia. Since then he has become a nomad traveling the world. He has spent over five years as an international volunteer in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Carribbean as well as spending over three years in the Canadian North.

Kevin Deveaux

Kevin Deveaux is a Canadian lawyer who was elected to the Nova Scotia House of Assembly in 1998 for the constituency of Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage. He was re-elected in 1999, 2003 and 2006. During his time as an MP, he was the Deputy Speaker for the House from 1999-2003 and the Official Opposition House Leader from 2003-2007.
In March, 2007, Kevin resigned his seat in the House of Assembly to work full time as a Senior Parliamentary Technical Adviser with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Hanoi, Vietnam. In August, 2008, he was appointed to the post of global Parliamentary Development Policy Adviser in New York with UNDP’s Democratic Governance Group, where he was in charge of the Global Programme for Parliamentary Support (GPPS) and provided guidance to more than 60 UNDP Country Offices working with national parliaments and political parties.
In August 2012 he completed his work with UNDP and returned to Canada to practice law and to provide consulting services to parliaments. He has worked with the World Bank, the EU, DFID, FCO, UN Women, International IDEA and UNDP in the past years.

Peter Day

Peter graduated from Dalhousie in 2013 with a degree in international development and has carried out his own development mandate in Jamaica through Global Affairs Canada's International Youth Internship Program. He currently serves as a executive assistant in the office of Darrell Samson, Member of Parliament for Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook

Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly is an award-winning professional with over 30 years of experience in program development and management, strategic planning, inclusive leadership, communications, and adult education on environment and global development issues. He has worked for organizations including Clean Nova Scotia Foundation (first as Manager of Communications and then as Director of Clean Energy Programs), Cuso International, the Lester Pearson Institute for International Development, and Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia. He won a Global Citizen Award from the UN 50th Anniversary Committee of Canada. Sean is a past Head of Communications for Cuso International, a leading North American global development agency. He led the charity through a major re-branding, and was the editor of The Sustainable Times, a magazine on environment and international development issues sold at 350 newsstands across Canada. Sean has produced radio documentaries that have been heard on the CBC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and National Public Radio in the U.S. He has been published in many magazines and has won a National Magazine Award in Canada and a Gabriel Award for Documentary in the U.S.

Shelagh Savage

Currently a lecturer with the International Development Studies department at Dalhousie University, Shelagh Savage teaches a course on Development in Practice. Prior to that she was Associate Director of Partnerships at the Coady Institute (2009 - 20019) where she focused on how important collaboration is in ensuring social change. Working for many years in international cooperation, she has been privileged to learn with – and from – amazing mentors in communities, institutions and organizations around the world. Shelagh currently serves on a number of boards and advisory committees (including ACIC and Royal Roads University) and worked for many years n the CIDA/DFATD/GAC environment – including co-chairing the first year of the GAC CSO Policy Advisory Group (CPAG).

Teresa Lush

Teresa considers herself a global citizen and has been fortunate enough to have traveled the world. She believes that we are all interconnected and that support for one another, no matter the geography, is imperative for us to move forward as a species. She is involved, and would like to be more involved, in furthering international development. She has volunteered in Guatemala for over seven years on her own. This has primarily been with Casa Guatemala, a jungle based orphanage and school on the Rio Dulce. She has also become involved with Ahicam, a home for adolescents and babies in Poptun and more recently, a startup school in Punta Brava, Guatemala.

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