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About the Inter-Council Network

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The Inter-Council Network (ICN) is a coalition of the eight Provincial and Regional Councils for International Cooperation, and is currently hosted at the Atlantic Council for International Cooperation. These independent member-based Councils are committed to global social justice and social change.

The ICN provides a national forum in which the Councils collaborate for improved effectiveness and identify common priorities for collective action. Rooted in communities across Canada, the ICN is a leader in public engagement at a local and regional level, and is recognized for bringing regional knowledge and priorities to the national level.

Created in 2006 through a collective effort of the Councils, and supported through CIDA funding from 2007, the ICN has met and continues to address key needs of the Canadian international development community. Representing over 350 CSOs across Canada, the ICN is well placed to identify and address regional concerns, and is deeply aware of the needs and challenges of the small and medium sized civil society organizations within our sector.

Updates from the ICN

ICN Youth Delegation | 2023

Youth play an integral role in the international community’s effort of achieving sustainable development and gender equality. Eight youth from across Canada represented the eight provincial and regional councils at the CSW67 in March 2023,

ICN Webinar | Stories of Change

To address current global challenges, the linkages between the global and the local are fundamentally important. Global citizenship education plays a critical role in this regard. It helps build skills and knowledge that are required to understand and play an active role in addressing complex global challenges in ways that inform change without (re)producing harmful practices. This webinar highlights provincial and regional councils’ work on global citizenship.

International Development Week 2023 | #GoForTheGoals

For International Development Week 2023, the Inter-Council Network asked young people across Canada what the Sustainable Development Goals mean to them. International Development Week (IDW) 2023 took place between February 5 to 11, with online and in-person events taking place throughout all of Canada. IDW aims to draw attention to international development and shine a spotlight on Canadians’ contributions to eradicating poverty and to a more peaceful, inclusive and prosperous world.

ICN Research | Towards A More Decolonial, Anti-Racist and Feminist Public Engagement

This report is a summary of a research project on public engagement conducted by the ICN between November 2021 and June 2022. The research focuses on better practices in public engagement in the international cooperation sector. To strengthen sector actors’ public engagement work, the ICN explores decolonial, anti-racist and feminist approaches.

ICN Webinar Series | Global Solidarity in the Digital Era

This two-part series on digital technologies and international solidarity explores the effects of rapidly evolving digital technologies on international solidarity. Global solidarity is fundamentally important at a time of precarity and crises. In an increasingly networked world, technologies play an immense role in global solidarity.

Global Hive

The Global Hive Toolkit is designed to assist the efforts of public engagement practitioners working in Canada: NGO staff, volunteers, international development workers, teachers, youth, campaigners, activists, artists, policy makers – in short, everyone who works to engage others on global issues.

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