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#ReMEMBER Campaign Day 5

Hint: This institute is based out of the University of PEI in Charlottetown. They are concerned with all aspects of island life from culture and environment to the economy. Any guesses? The Basics: The Institute of Island Studies, UPEI is a research, education, and public policy institute. There's a 4-point mandate to the work they do...

  • To encourage a deep knowledge, understanding, and expression of Prince Edward Island;

  • To serve as a bridge between the University and Island communities;

  • To contribute to the formulation of public policy in Prince Edward Island;

  • To undertake comparative studies of Prince Edward Island and other islands.


  • The institute is very much a trendsetter in a discipline that is emerging here and around the world

  • The institute has its own publishing arm, The Island Studies Press

  • They have an online library! Score!

  • The institute has made Island Studies an entire option with the choice to complete a Masters or a Bachelor minor in the discipline. UPEI is truly spearheading the way in this arena of study!

A photo from the Chilean island of Chiloe where some Island Studies interns have recently worked.

i want to spend more time with the Institute of Island Studies:

  • Check out some books from the Island Studies Press

See who we featured yesterday. Still not sure what this reMEMBER campaign business is all about?? Read this. Have a great long weekend everyone! Thanks for all the support on this first week of our #reMEMBER Campaign! P.S. Join the conversation on twitter @ACIC

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