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ReMEMBER Campaign Day 13: Community Forests International

Hint: This organization supports 14 communities in Pemba, Tanzania as part of its efforts to initiate and educate people about forest and climate change. They also operate projects in Canada... The Basics: Community Forests International or CFI is a "volunteer-driven organization, working to connect people and their communities to the forests that sustain them. As the pace of environmental degradation intensifies around the world, the need for positive environmental stewardship and a restored balance between humanity and nature has become a necessity." Their mission is simple. To foster environmental stewardship internationally by establishing community forests, promoting sustainable forestry techniques and initiating environmental education. WHY WE LOVE CFI:

  • They make it easy for others to make a difference...they'll plant trees on your behalf. Can you believe just $1 = 5 trees

  • Their ED alone, has planted over half a million trees! Can you imagine how many they have planted collectively?

  • They place a premium on educating the public. Stay posted for upcoming workshop offerings

i want to spend more time with CFI:

  • Stay up to date on CFI's latest news...

  • Watch how CFI began in Pemba. We loved this video!

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