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ACT 4 Global Change

ACIC is proud to announce the launch of ACT 4 Global Change (, a website dedicated to inspiring and informing youth who want to get involved in local and global development. ACT stands for “Atlantic Canadians Together.”

We celebrated the launch at an event called “Bean Inspired Lately?” held at the Garden of Eat’n in Halifax on February 19. Five youth and five local partners gave brief talks about their experiences and the opportunities available to youth in Atlantic Canada. We thank everyone came out to make it a cozy night of sharing and inspiration.

The website is simple in message: Get Inspired, Get Informed and Get Involved. To get informed, youth can access ACIC’s materials, such as the Global Citizen’s Guide and Books Beyond Borders. To get inspired, youth can browse videos made by local young volunteers about their experiences in organizations such as Renaissance College, Oxfam and United Way. Finally, to get involved, youth can look through listings of opportunities to volunteer, intern or pursue education from ACIC and its members.

To take action and create positive global change within your community, or to inspire a youth you know to do the same, please check out Videos, information and resources will be added and updated regularly.

Special thanks to Ashton Rodenhiser (Active-8!), Isaac Doucette (Global Youth Leaders Tour), Marina Neytcheva (IYIP), Sam Littlefair-Wallace(Move Your World), Emily Anderson (Saint Mary’s University), John Cameron (Dalhousie IDS), Matt Musgrave (Coady Insitute), Fadi al Qassar(Uganda Venture) and Jeff Schnurr (Community Forests International).

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