In February 2018 ACIC and NCGC (Northern Council for Global Cooperation) received funding from Global Affairs Canada for the International Aboriginal Youth Internship Initiative! See the announcement HERE.

To get involved check out our internship page HERE!

ACIC and NCGC have brought together a Consortium of indigenous- and youth-serving organizations to empower indigenous youth in Canada as global citizens in their own communities and beyond. Building on the collective international development expertise of our member organizations and collaborative relationships with other Councils, we are working to support and engage indigenous youth as global citizens, particularly in two under-served areas of Canada: the Atlantic and the North. In designing this program, we have taken a holistic approach to supporting indigenous youth in their growth as engaged global citizens, incorporating Elders, indigenous knowledge, families and community members, indigenous community organizations, and local partner organizations who work in priority development sectors in indigenous communities in the Global South.

Our program is being undertaken within a formal Consortium, which includes ACIC, NCGC, and three Canadian Indigenous organizations, including  (Bringing Youth Towards Equality) BYTE - Empowering Youth Society, the Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq’s - Mi’kmaw Conservation Group (MCG), and the Native Council of PEI.  Further support for the program will come through partnerships with the Inter-Council Network (ICN) who work from coast to coast to coast, and ACIC member organization, Genuine Progress Institute (GPI Atlantic).

Since 2002, the Atlantic Council for International Cooperation (ACIC) has offered over 100 internships in 16 countries through the International Youth Internships Program funded by Global Affairs Canada. These internships provide youth (age 18-35) with international development experience, skills, and knowledge to help better prepare them for future employment, while advancing Canadian development objectives.

ACIC works with its Canadian member organizations and their international partners to offer interns valuable experience both overseas as well as in Canada. Interns will work in the areas of securing the future of children and youth, stimulating sustainable economic growth, and increasing food security. Through this experience, interns develop skills and experience that will assist them in securing employment as well as enabling them to make connections and develop relationships with many Canadian development practitioners.

We regret that ACIC was not successful in obtaining funding from Global Affairs Canada for the upcoming round of IYIP.

To keep up date on Canadian organizations that have received funding to implement international internships, however, we encourage you to check the following webpage for a list of available internships:


Watch a few stories from past IYIP interns: