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40th Anniversary Commemorative Blog Series: Catherine Baillie Abidi

As our Annual AGM and Symposium draws near, we continue to look back at our 40 years of development cooperation in the Atlantic region. We have sought reflections on this 40-year history from individuals who have been involved in development cooperation in the Atlantic region. One individual with a unique perspective is Catherine Baillie Abidi, who has been involved with ACIC both as an organizational member and now as a individual member. Catherine spoke with Joan Campbell to discuss ACIC's history as well as what is to come.


Catherine Baillie Abidi is a scholarly practitioner who bridges community and academia, with an interest in adult education, global education, peacebuilding education, and migration and settlement. She completed her PhD at St. Francis Xavier University (Antigonish, Nova Scotia) in Educational Studies with a focus on violence transformation, peacebuilding education, and participatory research with young adults. Catherine worked with the Canadian Red Cross for 18 years, where she garnered over fifteen years experience working in the humanitarian field where she facilitated hundreds of learning opportunities within diverse communities; developed curriculum and policy on multiple complex social issues; and supported secondary schools, academic institutions and community organizations seeking to enhance peaceful practices. She is also a mother of two and lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Please enjoy her podcast interview below, or download to listen later!

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