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Welcoming Back Our Global Youth Leaders!

Welcome back from Guatemala to our Global Youth Leaders Isaac, Abby, Kathleen and Brandon!

The youth made it home safe and sound (after a bit of a harrowing series of flights!) from Guatemala on Sunday, July 14. In Guate, these students met with staff and volunteers from local organizations, as well as community members who have been impacted by international cooperation efforts.

Now that they are back in Canada, the youth will participate in a speaking tour, sharing their experiences and perceptions through a presentation and video they will create based on their time in Guatemala. They will share their experiences with students and other organizations in the Atlantic region throughout fall/winter of 2013. Thanks to everyone who made this amazing experience possible in Canada and Guatemala. Thank you for all the support at ACIC and Breaking the Silence, as well as the friends and family of these four phenomenal youth. And finally, thanks to the youth themselves for taking part in this journey. Great job everyone!

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