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Summer Student Reflections

This summer, ACIC was able to secure funding through Canada Summer Jobs to hire two interns. These students helped with various projects over the summer and have been a great help overall! With their terms here ending, here are their reflections on their time here, and what’s in store for the future

Emma Craig

Hello, my name is Emma and I was ACIC’s Communications Assistant this summer! I studied at Dalhousie University in the Master of Library and Information Science program, which I graduated from this last June. What interested me to apply for a position with ACIC was the opportunity to gain experience in a communications position. From the research I did during my degree, I learned how many libraries do not have staff specifically trained or experienced with communications work. I thought gaining experience through a position like this one could aid me with future career work.

At ACIC, I worked on a variety of projects related to communications and public engagement. I created press releases, blog posts, and social media content to promote the work and events that our organization was doing over the summer. This included working closely with NCGC on promotion for the International Internships for Indigenous Youth (IIIY) program. I also helped with updating ACIC’s website and social media, as well as contributed to the newsletter. My most fun day here at ACIC was the staff retreat we did to Hubbard’s, which was full of fun activities and barbeque!

One thing I have learned from my time here at ACIC is how to manage my time while working on so many different projects. Developing workplans and working with others’ schedules really taught me how to manage my time effectively at work. My plan after my time here ends is to start my new position at MSVU as a Library Collections Intern. I am looking forward to my plans to move to St. John’s next spring to start a new adventure!

Lindsay Vandewater

Hello, my name is Lindsay and I was ACIC’s Program Support Assistant this summer! I have degrees in Psychology and Sociology, both from Saint Mary’s University. I am academically interested in social justice, LGBT+ rights, women’s rights and other similar social movements, sexual violence prevention and education, as well as mental health advocacy. Somewhat surprisingly, I am also interested in Biology, and I wrote a thesis in Evolutionary Psychology on self-perceived mate value. I am hoping to go back to school in the future to complete a Masters in Women’s and Gender Studies. I have previously worked in programming roles where I was able to plan and support the development of programs and events. When I saw the kinds of programming that ACIC does, I was sold on the job.

For the most part I did a fair amount of research for the various programs in order to guide those programs down the road. I helped provide resources and support for our IIIY program, as well as development support for our Act 4 Global Change programs. I am very happy to have worked on some pieces for ACIC that focused on the LGBTQ2S+ community and sustainable development, including a public engagement event that was hosted at a local business, the Foggy Goggle, during Halifax Pride! I am also helping to provide some support in writing ACIC’s sexual violence prevention policy. I really enjoyed our staff planning day at Common Good Solutions. We had a fun day together out of the office complete with a great potluck lunch!

I have learned so much about sustainable development and just how much I can do to advocate and help others understand the importance of sustainable development. In my focus on LGBTQ2S+ communities in sustainable development, I have also learned quite a bit about the role I can play in connecting sustainable development to the LGBTQ2S+ community here in Halifax. I don’t have many set plans for the future. I am hoping to continue working in non-profits and eventually complete a Master’s degree. I know that I will continue to be a loud advocate for LGBTQ2S+ right, gender equality, and the prevention of sexual violence.


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