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Staff Spotlight - Paige Munro

A native of Bedford, Nova Scotia, Paige is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with Combined Honours in Political Science and International Development from Dalhousie University. As Communications Coordinator at ACIC, Paige keeps information flowing by actively maintaining the blog and other dynamic social media tools, coordinating the creation of public engagement and promotional materials, and other administrative activities to help the office run efficiently!

During a high school trip to Europe, as well as subsequent journeys, Paige caught the travel bug. Owing to her lifelong interest in politics, Paige thought she would work in the political realm – a passion that drew her to Parliament Hill as an Intern during the summer of 2011. After this amazing experience, she realized she wanted to shift her focus to international development. Paige will begin her honors thesis in the fall of 2013 and will be examining the role of gender–based violence in conflict, a topic of passionate personal interest.

Between studying at DAL, volunteering with the Red Cross and Immigration Services Association of NS, and holding down two jobs, Paige is extremely busy! But her dedication to her academic, volunteer, and career aspirations make it all worthwhile. Paige is intending to apply to graduate school for 2014/15, and is also hoping to soon undertake her first position abroad. Welcome to the ACIC team, Paige!

Paige Munro, Communications Coordinator

1. What is your role at ACIC?

Originally, the position I was hired on for at ACIC was ‘Program Support Assistant’, but now I have now stepped into the role of ‘Communications Coordinator’. Overall, however, I would more accurately describe my role at ACIC as supportive. I try to lend a helping hand wherever I am needed, I provide support for colleagues when their work may become overwhelming, and I certainly try to maintain a positive working environment to encourage the friendships that grow in our office.

2. What book are you currently reading (or recently read)?

I recently finished reading the book “Impossible Odds” co-authored by David Greene, Jessica Buchanan and her husband Erik Landemalm. This book is based on the terrible abduction of Jessica, an American humanitarian aid worker in Somalia and her colleague, Poul Hagen. The two were held for ransom for three long months until they were ultimately rescued by US Seals. It was a phenomenal book that offered tremendous personal insight into the dangers these individuals faced on a daily basis. This first hand account of Jessica and her husband, Erik, provided valuable depictions of the events before, during and after her abduction. Although this is a very unique, intense and sensitive subject, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would highly recommend it to anyone considering an international employment position of this nature.

3. What is your favourite quote?

Now this is an interesting request … there are so many great words spoken by so many intellects, past and present. However, there is one that stands out in my mind. I feel that this quote not only represents the way I approach my academic and career aspirations, but I value these words in my personal life as well – “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, Mhatma Ghandi.

4. What would we find you doing on your day off?

On my days off, I often find myself trying to stay active. I like going to the gym or going out for a walk, maybe at Point Pleasant Park or Public Gardens. I love being outside. I also love to read, so picking up a good book is a great way for me to spend an afternoon.

5. Tell us one item on your bucket list. No bucket list? Where do you want to travel?

I can’t say I have thought too much about a bucket list, but as for where I want to travel? Anywhere and everywhere. I want to see the world. From Brazil to Russia, France to Uganda, Thailand to Australia, and everywhere in between. I want to experience as many cultures, customs, languages and people as possible. I believe the only way to understand how our world works, and more importantly, how we work together, is by going out there and seeing it your self.

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