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Staff Spotlight: Louise Hanavan

Louise Hanavan joins us as a Program Officer who will be taking the lead on our youth programming – specifically, ACT 4 Global Change, Move Your World Global Issues Conference, and Global Youth Leaders Tour. Louise has a Masters in Environmental Studies, and is on the Board of the Ecology Action Centre. She has previously worked as Internal Director at the Ecology Action Centre, as Youth Engagement Coordinator with ACIC as part of our First Voices project, and with the YWCA Halifax. When not engaged with ACIC work, she helps organize the Full Circle Music Festival and the White Rabbit Arts Festival, plays the banjo, and teaches music to babies. And, she does all this while being a mom to a beautiful two-year-old daughter!

What is your role at ACIC?

I’m working on youth programs at ACIC-- coordinating the ACT 4 Global Change Challenge, the ACT 4 Global Change Youth Ambassador Program, the Move Your World Youth Symposium, and the Global Youth Leaders Tour.

What have you been up to the last little while (work/ volunteer/ etc.)?

I’m on the Board at the Ecology Action Centre, and I help organize the Full Circle Music Festival and the White Rabbit Arts Festival. I’m also a fairly new mom (my daughter is two), I play the banjo, and I teach music for babies. My most recent full-time work experiences have been with YWCA Halifax and the Ecology Action Centre.

What are you most looking forward to with your work with ACIC?

Getting to know and support a diverse group of amazing youth leaders in Atlantic Canada.

What would you do if you unexpectedly had the day off?

Take a picnic to the seashore with my family.


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