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ReMEMBER Staff Edition: Eunice

Hailing from Vancouver, Eunice has called Halifax home for the past four months. She has been enthusiastic and open-minded about her adventure here in the Maritimes, and especially at ACIC. She finds the good in everyone, and every place she visits. Between her volunteer work in Halifax, and her work at ACIC she has been busy making a difference in our world; a true example of a global citizen. Between tweets, Facebook posts, and tea, Eunice has made an impact on ACIC through her inspiring creative flare to help ACIC with its revitalization initiative (the reMEMBER Campaign!). She has been an inspiration to all of us here at ACIC and will be truly missed!

Eunice Hii: Internal Communications Coordinator

1. What is your role at ACIC?

I work on a bit of everything that has to do with communications. Most of my work is focused on communications with our members as opposed to with the public. I get to work on things like the reMEMBER Campaign, newsletters, ebulletins, check emails of course, and interact with members via social media. Great fun!

2. What’s your favorite bit about working at ACIC?

Definitely the freedom to be creative and design my own work plan. I’ve loved getting to know all our members and writing about them. Also, the staff here make the days enjoyable! Thanks for all the laughs + great sushi!

3. What book are you currently reading?

Just started a book about a woman who was a doctor, mother and wife. She was told when pregnant with her 4th child that if she carried the baby to term, she might risk her own life as she had some sort of sickness. She risked her life nonetheless for the life of her child. How beautiful is that?! She is now a saint...St. Gianna Molla.

4. Favourite Quote

“Start small. Do what you can with something you care about so deeply that you simply can’t not do it...Start small, start with whatever is close at hand, start with something you care deeply about. But start. ”

-Muhammad Yunus

5. On a day off, I’d…

Go for a run in Point Pleasant Park, eat croissants at Two If By Sea, go to mass, do the touristy things like ride Theodore (I’m not from Halifax you see), make some time to curl up with a good book (see Q#3), and finish off the day dancing to Signal Hill at the Lower Deck! Dream day.

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