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ReMEMBER Campaign LAST Day: Restigouche CBDC

This post officially marks the end of our reMEMBER Campaign. It's truly been a great joy to write this blog and get to celebrate our members each day. If there's anything we've been reminded reMEMBERed of, it's that a) our membership is even more diverse than we could imagine. From faith-based organizations to businesses to institutions AND b) we are our members. We really do live and breathe as an organization for our members. We aim to promote and support them and ultimately encourage the public to be more engaged in becoming global citizens today. With all that said, we have one more member to celebrate. Last but not least... Hint: This organization is based in regions across the Atlantic. Any ideas? The Basics: Some key points about Community Business Development Centres...

  • "Located throughout rural New Brunswick, the 10 CBDC offices are there to help potential and existing entrepreneurs living in rural communities access capital and other business resources.

  • We are not-for-profit organizations run by volunteers from the local business community who firmly believe in improving the economic viability of their region.

  • We are high risk niche lenders who do not compete with conventional lenders, but work with those entrepreneurs who have difficulty securing capital through traditional sources."


  • Their programs aim to help not just businesses, but individuals become self-reliant and build skills for life

  • A great emphasis on building up women business leaders

  • Easy to use tools like this one to actually start your own business!

i want to spend more time with CBDC:

  • Dream about the future of NB with them

Read about any of our past featured organizations in the reMEMBER Campaign. We hope this is just the beginning for you if this is the first time you've heard about our members. Take some time to FIND OUT MORE & GET INVOLVED


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