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#ReMEMBER Campaign Day 4 Cont'd

Hint: This member is a program as part of a leading institution in nursing studies...

Any guesses?

The Basics: The Centre of Nursing Studies International (CNSi) is a part of the Centre for Nursing Studies located in St.John's Newfoundland. This institution offers programs and degrees to those wishing to pursue studies in nursing. "CNSi has completed needs assessments, technical studies, development projects and program brokering in Bolivia, Chile, Dominica, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Jamaica, Malawi, Paraguay and Trinidad and Tobago." WHY WE LOVE CSNi:

  • Instead of simply sending nurses to developing countries to serve, CNSi believes in educating local nurses and providing locals with an education to serve those around them. CNSi promotes sustainable solutions

  • Their work goes beyond nursing to management, training, and education

  • They believe in modern educational tools such as distance ed.

  • They are pursuing goals larger than themselves i.e. Millennium development goals in Health

i want to spend more time with CSNi:

  • Read about the work of CSNi in any of the 10 countries they educate in. Longer posts exist for Nicaragua and Guatemala

See who we featured just this morning! Still not sure what this reMEMBER campaign business is all about?? Read this. Join the conversation on twitter @ACIC

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