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ReMEMBER Campaign Day 18: SMU International Activities Office

Have you heard about the crazy weather in Hong Kong? Hint: This office is based at Saint Mary's University (SMU) in Halifax. Their "primary role is to support the broader goal of the internationalization of the Saint Mary’s campus." The Basics:The International Activities Office at SMU is "dedicated to enriching the lives of students, faculty and staff through the development and enhancement of international experiences and perspectives... We create opportunities for you to select the exact international experience to suit your needs, whether on campus or in other parts of the world. Through our international network of contacts, we are able to provide a high level of support to anyone in the Saint Mary’s community who is interested in becoming involved in a broad range of activities with an international focus.What do we offer?

  • Student mobility – For students looking for an international learning experience, either on-campus or elsewhere, please visit our International Learning site.

  • Youth internships – We oversee international work placements, funded by the Canadian government, for Canadian university and college graduates. Please go to the Youth Internships site for more information.

  • Group training – Saint Mary’s offers short-term training programs (language, cultural, academic, and professional) to a variety of clients. These programs can be offered either in Halifax or on an external site selected by the client. For more information, please visit the Group Training site.

  • International projects – Throughout the years, Saint Mary’s has participated in international projects with partners in more than 25 countries, generally funded by external agencies. Details on these projects can be found by clicking on International Projects.

  • Travel information – Our office provides pre-departure briefings and a travel registration service to Saint Mary’s travellers. Please visit the Travel Registration site for more information."


  • There is a large variety of international capacity-building projects in sectors from business to the environment

  • Even faculty have the opportunity to teach abroad

  • For students who cannot commit to full exchange programs, there is an alternative

i want to spend more time with SMU's Intl' Activities Office:

  • You can follow the Students For Development Internship program interns on their individual blogs

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