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ReMEMBER Campaign Day 16 Continues: YMCA Of Fredericton

Hint: You've probably all heard of this organization at one point or another, but did you know that it stands for the Young Men's Christian Association? Its original purpose was to provide low-cost housing to those traveling to the city. The Basics: The YMCA/ the Y, as many know, is committed to developing the mind, body, and soul and is committed to empowering young people. What you may not know, is that many YMCAs operate international programming. The YMCA of Fredericton "has been actively involved in supporting overseas projects since 1967. We have supported schools and medical clinics as well as programming for single mothers in the Dominican Republic. We have supported remedial education programs in Belize as well as an Eco-Tourism project in that country. Currently we are supporting the work of the YMCA of Honduras and its efforts to ensure that the rights of young people in that country are protected." WHY WE LOVE YMCA of Fredericton:

  • They have been dedicated to supporting overseas projects since 1967!

  • They join forces with YMCAs around the world for that much more impact

  • Innovative ways beyond regular programming to reach the public

i want to spend more time with YMCA of Fredericton:

  • If you're already on facebook...

  • Looking for a good summer workout not out in the heat?

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