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Newsletter Submissions

Dear ACIC Members from all four provinces, It’s that time of year again! Do you have an event you’d like to promote? An advertising poster to gain volunteers? How about an article about the great work you’re doing? We’re working on our next edition of ACIC’s newsletter Rendez-vous and would love to have you contribute! See the Winter 2014 edition here: /communications/ to get an idea what it’s all about. We print 120 copies of the newsletter (provided at networking events), email it to our over 70 members and have 100 visits to the website per day. Submissions are due Monday, June 23rd , to If you have any story, BIG or small, the ACIC Rendez-vous newsletter is a great way to spread the word. So please share it with us! Ideas for submissions: 1. News of your activities, including any awards, events (especially for IDW (International Development Week)) 2. Promotion of your blog or website, 3. Announcements of any upcoming events of interest to ACIC members, 4. Announcements of any noteworthy new publications, including audio/video, 5. Book reviews or audio/video reviews of recently published materials related to international cooperation. The reviews can be brief or in depth. Please include a few words about yourself along with your review(s) and any relevant photographs, 6. Reports on any recent events you attended that may be of interest to ACIC members, 7. You may also send an ad or poster for an event/your organization. Remember: Articles must be between 250-500 words in length. If possible, please include 3 images saved as a high quality JPEG/PNG. **Please include a caption and who took the photo. We also welcome any further suggestions for the newsletter. Please send your submissions no later than Monday, June 23rd, to


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