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Member Spotlight: University Of New Brunswick Global Learning And Engagement

University of New Brunswick (UNB) is our Member Spotlight for March. UNB has some exciting opportunities for students, and are also looking forward to upcoming events in May. They have announced the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship recipients, sending 18 students (pictured right) to Malawi, Zambia, Ghana, Barbados, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Fiji. UNB has also recently launched the Emerging Leaders of the Americas Program with CBIE. This scholarship program helps to bring deserving students from Latin American and the Caribbean to Canada. They have welcomed students from places like Jamaica, Barbados, El Salvador, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Brazil. UNB is also in the process of confirming students to send on exchanges and to summer schools, where they will be sending students around the globe to enrich their academic experience. Finally, coming up in May, UNB will be hosting the Atlantic Meetings for the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE).

See more detail on each of these exciting initiatives below.

UNB / Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholars Announced

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholars for 2016-2017 have been announced, and 14 undergraduate and 4 graduate students will participate in 3 month long internships around the world focusing on their field of study with UNB partners in Malawi, Zambia, Ghana, Jamaica, and Barbados. They are already enjoying their adventures!

Emerging Leaders of the America (ELAP) – Calls for Proposals

During the 2015-2016 academic year, UNB welcomed 16 students from partnering Universities in Latin America and the Caribbean. These students included: 5 from the University of the West Indies, Barbados; 2 from the University of the West Indies, Jamaica; 2 from the University of Central America, El Salvador; 3 from the Universidad Casa Grande, Ecuador; 4 from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra. The ELAP program provides each successful Student with $7,200 to cover travel, living and additional expenses for at least 1 academic term. Students represented all disciplines including: Law, Arts, Engineering, Computer Science, Business Administration, and Kinesiology. This program not only internationalizes our campuses in Fredericton and Saint John, but provides an opportunity for academic and hands on exchange for our students in the Caribbean.

UNB Academic Exchanges and Summer Schools

Once again it is that time of year, UNB students are preparing for an experience of a lifetime. Over 100 students will go abroad to complete a full academic program, participating in summer schools, study a new language, join a travel study program or gain valuable work experience. UNB’s Travel Study program enables students to take courses while exploring London, Berlin, Greece and Italy. Two, three and four week Summer Schools with our partners in Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea are competitive destinations for students looking to gain academic credit for short term experiences abroad. Those looking to incorporate work experience into their academic programs can enroll in the Engineering / Science Co-op program in Germany. For more information on programs and destinations see:

Upcoming Conferences

UNB will be hosting the Atlantic Chapter of the Canadian Bureau for International Education on May 25, 2016. The learning event at UNB will focus on “Building Intercultural Skills and Approaches for International Education.”For more details on regional meetings, visit:

If you’re interested in keeping up with UNB, check them out at:

Twitter: @UNB OR @UNBAbroad


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