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Meet Our IYIP Member And Partner: Centre For Nursing Studies And FAMPLAN (Jamaica)

(Interested in apply for an intersnhip with The Centre for Nursing Studies? Check us out here for more information and details on how to apply!)

1. In a few words describe The Centre for Nursing Studies? Professional, Leadership, Responsive, Supportive, Commitment, Collaboration, Connected, Global Cooperation

2. What are some The Centre for Nursing Studies biggest accomplishments as an organization?

In June 2015, the Centre for Nursing Studies (CNS) received the highest award of a seven-year accreditation status from Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN). This achievement affirms the quality of nursing education programs offered at the CNS. The CNS also has been actively developing its international partnerships. In June 2015, the CNS, as part of a larger team, received the Eastern Health’s CEO Award of Excellence for Connectedness for the Jamaican Practical Nursing Recruitment Initiative. The team at the CNS demonstrated commitment, leadership and collaboration in providing support and direction for a practical nursing program in Jamaica. In 2014, successful recruitment of those nurses educated in Jamaica extended into the health care facilities in Newfoundland and Labrador to enhance the delivery of health care to the region’s population.

3. How is the work The Centre for Nursing Studies and FAMPLAN are doing relevant to international cooperation and global sustainability?

The CNS has a proven track record in international development with several projects in improving maternal and child health in Nicaragua and Guatemala. The CNS continues to demonstrate their commitment to enhancing international cooperation in partnering with the FAMPLAN (Sexual and Reproductive Health/Family Planning Clinic) in Jamaica through facilitating and supporting three youth internship positions.

Partnering with the FAMPLAN clinic promotes social justice and human dignity through ensuring the sexual health needs of the population of Jamaica are addressed. The FAMPLAN clinic is instrumental in encouraging community involvement and engagement to effectively prioritize and address the concerns based in each particular community. They have two stationary clinics around the island of Jamaica as well as run mobile clinics to rural areas based on community needs. The population of Jamaica has addressed particular health concerns such as increasing rates of HIV, adolescent pregnancy and prostate cancer as other valid health issues. With the assistance of youth interns from the CNS, affordable sexual health care and health promotion services of the FAMPLAN clinic can be extended to an increased number of residents of Jamaica. Therefore, this partnership between the CNS and FAMPLAN clinic is a significant initiative in addressing the millennium development goals of improving child health and improving maternal morbidity and mortality with counselling services in pregnancy, as well as sexual education and prevention of adolescent pregnancies in the region.

4. What competencies (skills, knowledge and values) would a potential intern gain working with The Centre for Nursing Studies and FAMPLAN?

Potential interns working with the CNS and FAMPLAN stand to gain valuable competencies towards improving themselves professionally as well as personally. Both countries will also gain contribution to international development. Internationalization and globalization are important contributions to the advancement of society.

The FAMPLAN clinic is a very busy clinic in which the clinical proficiencies have broadened in scope to include a full range of sexual and reproductive health services, including HIV/ STI prevention. The use of this clinic has grown exponentially in the past several years and is making a difference in the lives of residents of that region. There is no doubt that the selected interns will have a meaningful and positive experience at this partner site. The FAMPLAN clinic and the CNS are very much looking forward to having the interns promote health and quality outcomes in Jamaica.

During the provision of these clinical services through health promotion, education and primary health care services, interns will also obtain global experience, enhanced skills and improved international understanding. The interns will in turn bring these experiences, knowledge and values back to the Canadian workforce giving them a competitive edge. In addition, interns can use this knowledge, skills and values towards future advancements in international cooperation and development.

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