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Looking Back, Moving Forward: ACIC's 40th Anniversary Commemorative Blog Series

As our Annual AGM and Symposium draws near, we continue to look back at our 40 years of development cooperation in the Atlantic region. To commemorate this anniversary, we have gathered highlights from these past forty years, not only in relation to ACIC initiatives, but also to significant events or accomplishments involving its different members over the years. While we have looked back on this history, we have also oriented these reflections towards the future for development cooperation coming out of the Atlantic region. We have sought reflections on this 40-year history from individuals who have been involved in development cooperation in the Atlantic region. The result of these discussions and other research is a special 40th anniversary blog series highlighting significant moments in development cooperation and international solidarity emanating from the Atlantic region. While of course the focus is on ACIC, as a membership organization, we are also interested in innovative initiatives on the part of its members. With this in mind, during the weeks leading up to our AGM and Symposium, we will be sharing with you videos and podcasts of the valued experiences we have gathered from those who have been part of this history in the Atlantic Region. Each commemorative blog will be showcased on our website and will be comprised of a podcast or video that combines audio recollections with related materials that exemplify ACIC and/or member initiatives during the four decades. Stay tuned for what is to come, and we will look forward to seeing you in Halifax June 9th to 11th to kick off the 40th Anniversary celebrations, as well as our AGM and Symposium! For more information and to register, visit:

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