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Keeping Up With Our Interns: A Social Media Round-Up

Over the past few weeks, we having been profiling our CIDA-funded International Youth Internship Program (IYIP) interns and the member organizations with which they've been working.

To keep up with all of their adventures and insights, here is a compendium of the social media they will be using to tell their stories.

Kate Mosher (ACIC) with Northen Ghana Network for Development in Tamale, Ghana

Maddie Kalathoor (ACIC) with Northern Sector Action on Awareness Centre (NORSAAC) in Tamale, Ghana

Marina Neytcheva (DAL AG) with Ministry of Agriculture Training Institute (MATI) Ilonga, in Kilosa Town, Tanzania

Vanessa Sykes & Meagan Hancock with the Ivar Mendez International Foundation, in La Paz, Bolivia

Elizabeth Lee & Jessica Patel (MSVU) with Partners in Education Roatan (PIER), in Roatan, Honduras

Anne-Marie Dufour & Maya Irwin (NBEN) with International Analog Forestry Network in Costa Rica

Ciera DeSilva (Chalice) with Centro Esperanza in Chiclayo, Peru

Harumi Flores Montalvo (Chalice) with Centro Esperanza in Chiclayo, Peru

Rosie Mosse (Falls Brook Centre) with FUCSA in Honduras

Check back in with ACIC for updates on Caroline Hockely with NORSAAC in Ghana and Rawane Nassif in Roatan, Honduras.

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