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July Member Spotlight: The Tatamagouche Centre

Located in beautiful Tatamagouche, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, the Centre is an accredited place where people can learn, experience, have conversations and come together. The Tatamagouche Centre is well known for these things, and continues to shine as the education centre it is.

Over the years, the centre has been active in social movements involving diversity, inclusion, cross-culture relationship building, and transformation of self and others. This year, the centre celebrated its 60th anniversary. Internationally, the centre is recognized for its adult education model, leadership training, and social justice initiatives. The Tatamagouche Centre has impacted over 80,000 lives since it first opened in 1955.

One of the many great things that the centre has done is create the Black Leadership Advisory committee, which works to build meaningful linkages with the African Maritime community through programming developed by and for Black leaders. The Tatamagouche Centre also created Breaking the Silence, considered to be another one of their most powerful projects. During the 1980s in Guatemala, the army waged a genocidal war against Mayan communities and social activists. The Tatamagouche Centre began an active presence of mutual solidarity with these Guatemalan communities in 1988. Since then, hundreds of human rights accompaniers have been trained at Tatamagouche Centre and numerous delegations have travelled to Guatemala to experience the cultural and political realities faced by the Guatemalan people.

Various retreats and programs are offered at the Tatamagouche Centre each month. They are available to people of all ages. Click here to learn more about how to get involved!

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