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Jocelyn's Post-Honduras Reflection

ACIC hosted the “Global Youth Leaders Tour” (GYLT) along with the Falls Brook Centre from July 7-17. This year’s GYLT took place in Honduras. Since being back, the four youth leaders who participated in the trip to Honduras have had some time to reflect.

Jocelyn Leblanc from Dalhousie, New Brunswick tells us about his experiences.

ACIC: What part of this trip to Honduras affected you the most?

Jocelyn: When I saw nine-year-old children bumping the restaurant window that I sat at to have food, I was greatly touched.

ACIC: Were you expecting to have the reactions you did to this? Why?

Jocelyn: I had no plans that this would happen. What I find most unfortunate is that I could not help these young children and I felt completely powerless in this situation.

ACIC: What was the most positive part about your trip? Why?

Jocelyn: Having the chance to share three days with four young Hondurans is certainly an experience I will remember. The fun and different stories we experienced together will certainly stay inked on our list of best memories. Together we descended down a bridge and we trekked 40 km in a canoe and saw some very special animals.

ACIC: Was there anything that you were expecting to happen that did not?

Jocelyn: I thought I would have a culture shock and be very tired at first, but the people we met were welcoming and reassuring to our Canadian team.

ACIC: If you could go back to Honduras for another three days, what would you dedicate more time to that you had experienced in your time there?

Jocelyn: I would have tried to talk more with the multiple guides who accompanied us because they were very interesting people, but sometimes I hesitated to ask my questions in case they would judge me.

ACIC: How do you feel you’ve impacted the people that you met in Honduras?

Jocelyn: I do not really know what impact I had to Hondurans. But one thing is for sure, I always remained myself. I also tried to always make people proud of where they came from and who they were. I tried to share things that were happening in Acadia and Canada, while being attentive to others.

We are happy that you had the positive experience you did, Jocelyn!

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