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Intern Spotlight - Kate, ACIC And NGND

Since 2002, ACIC has offered 48 internships in 15 countries through the International Youth Internship Program (IYIP) funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). These internships provide youth (age 19-30) with international development experience, skills, and knowledge to help better prepare them for future employment, while advancing Canadian development objectives. ACIC is proud to profile our member organizations as well as the interns participating in this year's IYIP internship program funded by CIDA.

We would like to start off our Intern and Organization Spotlight with the intern working in our very own ACIC office, Kate Mosher! In Ghana, Kate will be working with the Northern Ghana Network for Development (NGND).

Kate Mosher

Kate is actually originally from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, however she has been living in Toronto, Ontario, while studying at York University. Kate has received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Film Production, Spec. Hons, from York. She currently holds the position of Information and Resource Coordinator at ACIC. Here is what Kate had to say!

What got you interested in international development work?

Like most people, I work best when I’m “behind” the organization I’m working for. I love being a small part of a big picture. The work international development organizations are doing is not only important and impactful, but carries with it endless pockets of fascinating people, cultures and stories. I saw the opportunity with ACIC through a Tweet (that’s technology for you!) and I thought, “I am at a time in my life when I have the privilege to drop everything, go abroad and serve a “greater good. “ Plus it’s an adventure! Who wouldn’t go?

What are you most excited about your international placement and why?

Everything will be new. I have never been immersed in a culture that was entirely and fundamentally different from my Canadian life. I have never been immersed in another culture, history, working environment, climate, economic landscape, etc. I am excited to have experiences that I cannot even begin to imagine sitting here in Halifax. I am excited to meet people, try everything, and with any luck, accomplish something of lasting use to the Northern Ghana Network for Development (NGND) in Tamale.

What is your favourite quote?

“Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow.” - Oscar Wilde. This has always been a bit of a personal motto for me.

If you had to describe the organization you are working with in one sentence, what would you say?

ACIC: Uniting all of the international development initiatives in the Atlantic region to share and strengthen through solidarity.

If you would like to stay informed on Kate's activities, please visit the link below to follow her!

About ACIC:

ACIC is a coalition of individuals, organizations, and institutions working in the Atlantic region, which are committed to achieving global sustainability in a peaceful and healthy environment, with social justice, human dignity, and participation for all. ACIC supports its members in international cooperation and education through collective leadership, networking, information, training and coordination, and represents their interests when dealing with government and others.

ACIC also takes a leadership role in engaging Atlantic Canadians around issues relating to international development, global sustainability, and social justice. Through our public engagement work, ACIC strives to give Atlantic Canadians the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to become active global citizens.

ACIC is a rich and vibrant coalition; our varied members - over 70 in the Atlantic Provinces - are united by our strong commitment to building a better world.

In Ghana, Kate will be working with the Northern Ghana Network for Development (NGND), which is comprised of 103 non-governmental and community-based member organizations from each of the three northern regions of Ghana. Women’s groups make up more than 40% of the membership. They work in areas of health, education, food security, women’s empowerment and citizen participation in government. NGND has implemented a number of activities over the past 15 years in the areas of governance, citizen participation, advocacy, health and the environment.

Good luck on your adventures, Kate! We look forward to hearing from you once you return!


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