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Intern Follow Up - Kate, ACIC & NGND

We would like to start off our intern follow up with Kate Mosher! In Canada, Kate is working with ACIC, and in Ghana, Kate has been working with with the Northern Ghana Network for Development (NGND). To view Kate's original blog and read a little bit more on the organizations, click here.

Here is what Kate had to tell us: Because we were among the last to leave, the end of August will mark only the one-month milestone for us here in Ghana. To me, it feels like it has been much longer than 30 days; each day has been a fresh adventure, from shopping in the market to dancing Azonto to hanging out with crocodiles. I find it hard to believe that I still have five more months of adventure to go. Although the adjustment process has been harder than I’d hoped, the pay-off has been some very interesting experiences, new friends, introspection, and good conversations. My office at the Northern Ghana Network for Development (NGND) is very welcoming, and I already feel that my input is valued and my work will have a significant impact on the organization. As I expected, I will be doing network communications work, mostly, which will involve creating a website directory, e-newsletters and similar publications, grant applications, social media, etc. If all pans out well, I should even be able to employ my documentary filmmaking background on one of the Network’s projects. The Network, though nearing 16 years old, is undergoing a renaissance in terms of staffing and strategy. The ‘old guard’ applied for me to come, and the ‘new guard’ received me. It is interesting arriving at a sapling organization with the roots of an oak. All of my work will make an impact because every day is a build on the day before for the Network. It’s a good place to be. However, that means that my overall agenda is quite vague. My Google Calendar hasn’t gotten much use in the last month. We joke a lot about ‘Ghana time’ or “GMT - Ghana Magic Time”, in which nothing is urgent and schedules are quaint. Although I have many projects that I will complete in my six months, exactly when any given event, meeting, funding, project etc. will happen is really anyone’s guess. We take it a day, a week, a month at a time. The work will get done. Que sera sera. For pleasure, the other interns and I know that we want to see the Kintempo waterfalls, a Hippo Sanctuary, the city of Kumasi, Cape Coast (or the Gold Coast), Accra, and Mole National Park (goal: seeing elephants!). With any luck we’ll be out exploring on every second or third weekend. Plus all of the food to test, and local outings, every day there’s something new. I am excited for all of the surprises that are surely in store for me still. To follow my observations in more detail, check out Thanks so much, Kate! We look forward to having you return to Canada in a few short months!


This initiative was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD) | Ce projet a été entrepris grâce à l’aide financière du Gouvernement du Canada par l’entremise d’Affaires étrangères, Commerce et Développement Canada (MAECD).

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