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Intern Follow Up - Caroline, ACIC & NORSAAC

Keeping with our follow up blog, we would like to hear from Caroline Hockley! In Canada, Caroline is working with ACIC. In Ghana, Caroline has been working with with the Northern Sector Action on Awareness Centre (NORSAAC). To view Caroline's original blog and read a little bit more on the organizations, click here.

We asked Caroline how things were going, here is what she said!

My internship at NORSAAC has been great so far, it is surreal that we are already quickly approaching the 2 month mark.

A few friendly words of advice I was given before I left included:

“you’ll love Ghana, you’ll just want to stay” and “if you achieve what would normally take in 1 week in Canada, in less than 1 month in Ghana you’ve done well”. I can now safely say I can talk to both.

What I wasn’t expecting before arriving was the high degree of trust my organization has for me. I was welcomed into NORSAAC with such an openness for my ideas, skills and experiences. Of course it wasn’t soon after that that overwhelmingly large responsibilities were being thrown at me. The work I’ve done has been immensely rewarding and I’ve already learnt so much. I think by being in the field and seeing direct results from the work I have done is perhaps the most fulfilling part.

Of course there are challenges such as power cuts, water shortages, language barriers, limited office resources, and issues surrounding punctuality, but I can honestly say despite this, I’m developing a soft spot for the place. I already catch myself trying to plan how I can come back following the end of my internship.

Thanks for the update, Caroline! We'll see you soon!


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