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Goodbye Sucre

In just over a week I will be leaving Sucre and then Bolivia. The city which has been my home for the last 6 months will drift into the background of my plane’s window and eventually my memory. Saying goodbye is, in fact, hard to do, but as a city that has captured my heart I certainly hope to be back here one day. As it stands, I don’t want to continue on with cliché phrases and sentiments. Sucre has been great, is great so let’s talk about why.

At 2800 feet Sucre is a very high city, way up in the Andes. My first week here was like torture with altitude sickness and then food poisoning. I can honestly say I just wanted to go home. I’m glad I stuck it out though because man has it been worth it. So not a goodbye cliché but a listicle about how awesome Sucre is. 10 things:

  1. Zebras! Or Cebras! (for the Spanish version of the word) direct traffic in and around the city centre during rush hour. Not the awesome animal but rather awesome humans in awesome zebra suits that affectionately wave at tourists. Why are they first on my list? They make me smile every time!

  2. Beauty: Sucre is beautiful. The city centre is fairly clean, historical buildings are well preserves and the white buildings with red tile roofs gives it the feel of a Mediterranean city in Europe.

  3. Papas rellenos, a food common throughout Bolivia it rivals French fries in tastiness. Take it a potato stuff it with, cheese, eggs, meat, or whatever and then deep fry it! Delicious!

  4. Museums! Sadly I only made it to two but the city is chalk full of them. Enough to keep even the most academic busy for a while

  5. Tranquilidad or for you English speaking folk Tranquility. The city with a population of just under 300 is, for the most part, quite peaceful. This is not true if you head into the market during peak hours.

  6. Mountain Views. From so many places in and around the city are view of gorgeous and towering mountains. As someone who grew up near the Rockies and Sierra Nevadas, I appreciate a nice mountain view.

  7. Cheap taxis: This may seem kind of lame but being able to go anywhere in the city centre for a dollar and anywhere just outside for 3 dollars or less is pretty awesome in my book.

  8. Tradition: traditional arts and traditional Quechuan ways of life are seen as important here. The number of museums espouses this but women holding on to traditional ways of dress, and practicing traditional weaving says more.

  9. Hot Days: When you have a nice steady hot day here in Sucre nothing can dry your clothing faster ;)

  10. People (sorry I know this is kind of corny). For the most part, people are friendly and helpful here in Sucre, if a little reserved. Once you break through shells though, it’s amazing how warm and tender people are.

Sucre, It’s been a blast! Thanks for everything.



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