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Global Youth Leaders Tour Blog: FUCSA

FUNDACIÓN CUERO Y SALADO, also known as “FUCSA”, is one of the organizations the Global Youth Leaders Tour will be visiting in Honduras. They are a partner of Falls Brook Centre (FBC). ACIC is excited to be working with this organization for the GYLT.

FUCSA is a foundation located in Honduras. Through activities such as ecotourism, sustainable fisheries management, and watershed restoration, the foundation aims to protect and conserve the native biodiversity of the zone while working closely with local people who rely on the natural resources of the area for survival.

Currently, the organization is managing a 13,000 hectare wildlife refuge and the small communities which live within the area.

In partnership with the Falls Brook Centre, FUSCA has hosted 7 Canadian interns between 2010 and 2013. The evaluations of the internship placement have all been positive. Rosamund Mosse, who will be travelling to Honduras along with ACIC and our youth leaders, did her internship with FUCSA, and now works with the Falls Brook Centre.

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