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Global Youth Leaders Blog: Jocelyn Leblanc

The count down for the Global Youth Leaders Tour is on!

Today for the GYLT blog, we are featuring Dalhousie, New Brunswick resident Jocelyn Leblanc! Jocelyn will be travelling to Honduras with 3 other youth leaders, ACIC and our partner institution, the Falls Brook Centre. 18 year old Jocelyn tells us about his thoughts prior to his departure, as well as a bit about himself.

ACIC: Why do you want to do the Global Youth Leaders Tour in Honduras?

Jocelyn: I want to see the Honduran culture and see how Hondurans live.

ACIC: What are you most excited about for this tour?

Jocelyn: Having the opportunity to work with three other young people from the Atlantic Provinces is already an asset, but understanding how organizations are doing to interact with citizens of Honduras particularly piques my attention.

ACIC: What do you hope to accomplish during your time in Honduras and afterwards in your community?

Jocelyn: I want to see and understand how people do to help each other and subsequently testify with Canadians.

ACIC: What do you do in your spare time?

Jocelyn: I'm passionate about education, justice and politics. I operate a small business and of course I love to travel.

ACIC: What is your favorite quote?

Jocelyn: "Unity is strength"

The tour kicks off July 7-17, 2015!

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