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Egan's Post-Honduras Reflection

Youth leader and 17-year-old Hubbard’s, Nova Scotia resident, Egan John, was one of the six people who took part in this year’s Global Youth Leaders Tour. Taking place, in Honduras, a country he had yet to visit, Egan learned a lot.

ACIC: What part of this trip to Honduras affected you the most? Were you expecting to have the reactions you did to this? Why?

Egan: I think what affected me the most was the shift from going to Salado to Utillia and the different cultural to tourist land all in the same country. It hit me because we all got used to staying in an area where basic needs was a challenge such as showering and only getting a limit choice on food, then going to an area where we could eat what we have back home here in Canada.

ACIC: What was the most positive part about your trip? Why? Egan: The most positive part about my trip was getting a chance to learn about the people we met and as well teach at the same time. I took back a lot of the things I learned over in Honduras and taught some of my friends, as well as that it also had a positive impact on me with taking my time on things and just taking a step back to look at life and being more grateful.

ACIC: Was there anything that you were expecting to happen that did not? Or anything that you were not expecting to happen but did?

Egan: No, everything that I had on my brain going to Honduras happened.

ACIC: If you could go back to Honduras for another three days, what would you dedicate more time to that you had experienced in your time there? Egan: If I had to go back, I would dedicate more time to learning more about their culture and playing with the kids and seeing how their education system works in Honduras. I would also travel and see how I can get involved with issues I like and that fit in my field.

ACIC: How do you feel you’ve impacted the people that you met in Honduras? Why?

Egan: I don't think I left an impact more than they did on me, making connections with the people from the canoe trip and getting to know what their lives are like as well as sharing what mine is like. I feel the only impact I left with them is care and love because everyone was so nice and friendly I tried to sit down and talk to them just to get to know them better and "try" to understand what they went through on a daily basis.

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