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Drew's Post-Honduras Reflection

Drew Dalziel, from Prince Edward Island, is one of the four youth that took part in this year’s Global Youth Leader's Tour in Honduras. The tour took place from July 7-17, 2015

Drew reflects on her time in Honduras:

ACIC: What part of this trip to Honduras affected you the most? Were you expecting to have the reactions you did to this? Why?

Drew: The thing that affected me the most in Honduras was definitely the difference between the rich and poor. Before I left I read in a book "The rich are rich, and the poor are poor" but I never expected it to be such a big gap between the both. It hit me really hard the whole time during the trip.

ACIC: What was the most positive part about your trip? Why?

Drew: The most positive part of the trip was for sure meeting people from the community and interacting with youth and spending the morning with the school kids and seeing the smile on their beautiful faces.

ACIC: Was there anything that you were expecting to happen that did not?

Or anything that you were not expecting to happen but it did?

Drew: I was expecting to get sick at some point during the trip, I was honestly prepared to be sick at some point and it never happened.

ACIC: If you could go back to Honduras for another three days, what would you dedicate more time to that you had experienced in your time there?

Drew: If I could dedicate three more days to something in Honduras it would for sure without a doubt to stay in the community of Saltillo with all of the people we became friends with.

ACIC: How do you feel you’ve impacted the people that you met in Honduras? Why?

Drew: I hope my enthusiasm for learning about their culture and country have left them believing that youth truly care about making a difference.

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