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Caroline's Post-Honduras Reflection

Caroline Nochasak from Nain, Labrador, had the chance to participate in this year’s Global Youth Leaders Tour, in the country of Honduras. During her time there, Caroline learned a lot when it came to the differences between her life in Canada and life in Honduras.

ACIC: What part of this trip to Honduras affected you the most? Were you expecting to have the reactions you did to this? Why?

Caroline: The part of the trip that affected me the most was when I saw the poverty with my own eyes and that's when the reality of privilege became so real to me. I also learnt that there are so many people who are making a huge difference in developing countries. This makes me think of the possibilities I can achieve here in Canada.

ACIC: What was the most positive part about your trip? Why?

Caroline: I think one of the most positive parts of the tour was when everyone was taking part in activities were just so friendly and willing to teach and learn! It was such a great thing to see and it was definitely a positive learning experience.

ACIC: Was there anything that you were expecting to happen that did not? Or anything that you were not expecting to happen but did?

Caroline: Throughout the whole tour I kept an open mind and tried to expect the unexpected! But the one thing that surprises everyone was when we were canoeing/kayaking and Egan and his counterpart fell into the river!

ACIC: If you could go back to Honduras for another three days, what would you dedicate more time to that you had experienced in your time there?

Caroline: If I had three extra days in Honduras I would definitely want to spend more time with the Honduran counterparts to hear their thoughts on things. I would spend more time with the people I've met and just get to know them and their country a little better. ACIC: How do you feel you’ve impacted the people that you met in Honduras? Why?

Caroline: What I brought with me on the tour I think has given the people I've met in Honduras a look into Canada and how I live in my Inuit community. With my experience in Arctic health research, social justice, and traditional Inuit living I believe I brought some knowledge to Honduras. This may have helped the Canadians and Hondurans realize that there are a lot of differences between both countries, along with its similarities.

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