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By Carolle Domen

As I prepare to leave Bolivia I have a few reflections…one of which is an acrostic poem. I apologize because poetry is really not my forte but I was inspired in that direction this week. ;)

Beauty in all faces, women, men and children

Overcoming adversity and moving forward as a society

Libertad – the fight for freedom continues

Indigenous rights and pride

Vida – life and vibrancy in all spaces

Incredible, inspiring women who fill me with energy

Adventure – a wide expanse of cultures and climates to discover

Three reasons I am sad to leave Bolivia:

  • The daily experiences that are new and refreshing and keep me learning and on my toes. Each new moment is a potential opportunity to see the world from a different light.

  • The children that greet me every day and the futures that I hope so deeply will be great for them. They are brilliant, creative and full of energy. May their lights continue to shine brightly.

  • The presence of social activism in all spheres of society and how often and easily people take to the streets to express themselves and their hopes and desires for a better society.

Three reasons I am excited to return to Canada:

  • The new way in which I will look upon different aspects of Canadian society and the new perspectives my Bolivian experiences will provide me.

  • The simplicity that I will feel in interacting within a cultural sphere that I know very well and in which I feel very comfortable.

  • Some good old comfort food. How I have been dreaming of you for 2 months now. Poutine, a Tim Horton’s doughnut, shawarma etc.

I will spend my last week in Bolivia doing my best to take it all in and say the goodbyes that need to be sad. Hopefully this is not goodbye but see you later!


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