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African Wildlife

One of the stereotypical things people think of when they hear Kenya or Africa is, of course, wildlife. Well, I have yet to see a lion but through working with eRoots I have encountered my fair share of funny creatures. Since most farmers here are small scale farmers with several different ventures, I have been expected to work with animals a bit more than I anticipated. Livestock isn’t my area of expertise although I will say I have definitely learned a great deal since I have been here, including some funny experiences along the way.

In the first week I enjoyed some fresh goat milk, milked by yours truly. This being my first time, I do not think I was this goat’s favourite person. I required the help of three other people…. embarrassing.

But my relationship with goats improved… they even started sleeping in my arms.

And smiling for the camera... in a sort of cute/ creepy way

In fact, I started liking goats so much we decided to give 109 of them to Chalice beneficiaries. Ok, so we didn’t just hand out free goats, eRoots is beginning a pretty cool dairy goat breeding project, but it kinda felt like that. You get a goat! And you get a goat! Everybody gets a goat!

But it wasn’t just goats I made friends with, although we are now definitely besties.

When you work with eRoots you never know who will be coming along for the ride.

At eRoots we love working with animals, outside and inside the office. Sometimes folks you meet at work even follow you home, and that is not okay. But that is why it is a good idea to try and make friends outside of work as well. Over the course of my internship I have really expanded my livestock knowledge and met so many wonderful and terrifying animal friends along the way.

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