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40th Anniversary Commemorative Blog Series: Marian White

As our Annual AGM and Symposium draws near, we continue to look back at our 40 years of development cooperation in the Atlantic region. We have sought reflections on this 40-year history from individuals who have been involved in development cooperation in the Atlantic region. Marian White, a long-time ACIC activist, member and volunteer, spoke with us about solidarity, activisim and the formation of ACIC.


In the fall of 1989, Marian returned to PEI and was asked to coordinate activities of the Atlantic Regional Program Committee of CCIC. The priority of the committee’s work was to support local projects across the Atlantic Region with a focus on primary producers. Marian – a dedicated activist who has been directly involved in addressing social issues at both a local and international level – was the Coordinator for the Committee, and was responsible for collecting project proposals, communicating with Committee members, organizing Committee meetings, producing a newsletter and communicating with CCIC. Marian also attended training sessions with Provincial Councils and Board Meetings. In this context, ACIC holds a special place in Marian’s heart, as she was present for the “complicated foreplay, conception, birth and growth of the organization”, which culminated in November of 1993 when ACIC’s founding meeting was held.

After years of experience with NGOs, both locally and internationally, Marian White continues to “work cooperatively, promote youth involvement, expose white privilege and challenge patriarchy”. Marian’s personal motto "Not to act is to act" at times gets her into some trouble. Marian lives simply and remains active from her home in Tracadie, PEI.

Have a listen to her interview below, or download to listen later!

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