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40th Anniversary Commemorative Blog Series: Joan Campbell

As our Annual AGM and Symposium draws near, we continue to look back at our 40 years of development cooperation in the Atlantic region. We have sought reflections on this 40-year history from individuals who have been involved in development cooperation in the Atlantic region. Joan Campbell's lifelong contribution to the work of ACIC shines through in her discussion with board member Sonia Ho. Listen below.


Since her childhood, Joan Campbell has been curious about other cultures, which eventually led her to international development work in the Atlantic region. She became actively involved in the 60’s when she did her first degree at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. In this interview, she talks about her long time involvement in organizations such as ACIC and CUSO, as well as her experiences in Sierra Leone and Nicaragua. She stresses the importance of education, especially exchanges through face-to-face contact in international development work. While she recognizes social change can be a long process that takes a lot of hard work, she remains hopeful about the future.

Please enjoy the interview below, or download to listen later!

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