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40th Anniversary Commemorative Blog Series: Brian O'Neil

As our Annual AGM and Symposium draws near, we continue to look back at our 40 years of development cooperation in the Atlantic region. We have sought reflections on this 40-year history from individuals who have been involved in development cooperation in the Atlantic region. One of which is Brian O'Neil, who our board member Brian Tomlinson interviewed to discuss his leadership and acitivism in his local community over the years.


Brian O’Neil is a long time political and social activist in Atlantic Canada. He began working with the St. John’s Oxfam Center in 1977, connecting issues of unemployment and resource development in Newfoundland with peoples’ struggles on similar issues in developing countries.

In the 1980s Brian moved to work with the regional office of Oxfam Canada in Halifax and worked in the region until his recent retirement a few years ago.

While never directly involved in ACIC, he reflects on the orientation of many activists in the region at the time, some of whom were involved with the Council. Brian began this podcast with some thoughts on connecting the local with the global.


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