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ReMEMBER Staff Edition: Carolyn

This woman is the glue that keeps the office together if someone's away or things get hectic. She knows everything about...well everything. If you're brand new to the office, Carolyn will patiently sit with you and answer all your questions about ACIC from how the organization began to where everyone is at now. She's got a motherly feel about her (probably because she is a wonderful mother of two!), doesn't forget a single detail, and makes you feel at peace in her presence. Carolyn Whiteway: Program Manager

1. What’s your role at ACIC? In 1-2 sentences, what does a typical day look like? In my role as Program Manager, I am currently wrapping things up for our International Aboriginal Internship Program. This was the first year that ACIC, along with 7 other implementing organizations across Canada, has managed this new program. We hope to hear about other internship funding in the near future- which will keep me really busy into next year and beyond! Additionally, I am staff representative on ACIC’s Policy and Ethics Committee and Internship Networking Group and share responsibility for the Move Your World Youth Conference. 2. Your favorite bit about working at ACIC? I enjoy working with our partners and member organizations, as well as the numerous youth that participate in our various programs. Also, we have great fun at staff meetings! 3. Your favorite quote?

I believe far too many people have said many fabulous things, so I don’t really have a favorite quote. I am continually inspired, humoured and made to reflect by all kinds of quotes!

That quote, ladies and gentleman, is a Carolyn original!

4. On a day off, you’d most likely be… Battling weeds in my garden.

5. What are you currently reading?

Dropped threads 3: beyond the small circle, a collection of essays and short stories on the theme of personal discoveries by thirty-five Canadian women

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