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ReMEMBER Campaign Day 9: Tatamagouche Centre

How did you enjoy the great weather this past weekend? One of our ACIC staff members (stay tuned for ACIC staff posts!) spent her weekend at today's featured organization. Hint: Today's feature is a beautiful 15 acres of land west of Tatamagouche. It is one of 4 education retreat centres of the United Church of Canada. It won't be too difficult to guess... The Basics: The Tatamagouche Centre is an "accredited, non-profit education, conference and retreat centre. We are recognized internationally for our adult education and facilitation training and programming related to transformational learning and spiritual deepening."

Overlooking beautiful Tatamagouche Bay, where two rivers merge, our year-round facility is located at a gathering place that was used for thousands of years by First Nations, and later by the Acadians.


  • Their commitment to youth programs such as this annual event

  • Diverse programs from social justice to the arts to spiritual development retreats

  • Have you taken a stroll lately? (another part of their facilities!)

i want to spend more time with the Tatamagouche Centre:

  • Sustainability is near and dear to their hearts...

  • For more reading, check out the Tata centre blog!

Read about any of our past featured organizations in the reMEMBER Campaign

Continue to spread the word about our members and the reMEMBER Campaign!

Join the conversation on twitter @ACIC. We're changing the campaign hashtag to #reMEMBERCampaign!

Stay tuned for another feature this afternoon.

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