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#ReMEMBER Campaign Day 7 Cont'd

We certainly hope you're getting the chance to enjoy the beautiful sunshine!

Hint: This afternoon's feature believes in harnessing the power of EDUCATION to change the world. Their history dates back to the 1920s when after the first world war, they supported post-secondary students in Europe.

Can you guess?

The Basics: WUSC or World University Services of Canada believes that education changes the world. It is for this reason they "professionals, students, volunteers, faculty, and community leaders, " are "working together to find solutions and provide opportunities to the world’s most marginalized people." Through a variety of over 10 programs from the Student Refugee Programto the Leave for Change initiative, they are truly making a difference today. WHY WE LOVE WUSC:

  • They acknowledge that they are just a small piece of the solution

We acknowledge that our work is only one step in the development process. We provide educational and skill-building opportunities to people and partners who will use their knowledge and skills to support human development in their communities and nations.

- Reciprocity is a core value from the WUSC philosophy

  • Their campaigns + programs offer people, especially university students, a tangible opportunity to provide for underprivileged youth

  • There is always something going on!

i want to spend more time with the WUSC:

  • The WUSC Student Refugee program is in need of more donors. Interested? They just need 89 more donors! That's it!

  • Check out their extensive youtube channel

  • Subscribe to the quarterly WUSC newsletter 'WUSC Connections'Still not sure what this reMEMBER campaign business is all about?? Read this.

Continue to spread the word about our members and the #reMEMBER Campaign!

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