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#ReMEMBER Campaign Day 4

Hint: This organization harnesses the power of volunteers in a radical way to bring about sustainable development. It uses such terms as '21st century volunteers' and talks of a '360 degree volunteer movement.' Any idea of who this might be? The Basics: Cuso International is an organization that works through volunteers. They work in 6 focus areas form health to education by assessing the greatest needs of communities around the world and creating strategic volunteer placements. This organization knows what they're doing...they recently celebrated their 50th anniversary.

"To say that foreign aid can be bad is not controversial. But to say that all aid is harmful risks throwing the baby out with the bathwater, along with malarial drugs, microcredit projects, schooling for girls, and sustainable farming techniques."- Derek Evans, Executive Director of Cuso International.


  • Their 360 degree approach to volunteering. Volunteers "are people posted within their own country or from one developing nation to another. We’ve even posted volunteers from developing nations to North America. We want to help build a truly global, 360 degree volunteer movement."

  • Volunteer placements are in a vast variety of skill areas meaning that volunteers receive great opportunities to learn and grow through their work with Cuso.

  • They've got a great media presence so you can find the latest Cuso news- here's everythingfrom podcasts to twitter + facebook accounts.

i want to spend more time with Cuso:

  • Immerse yourself in the stories of Cuso volunteers. You can choose to read from any of the 7 focuses + almost 50 countries where Cuso has placements!

  • Touching & enlightening videos from the Cuso youtube channel

Stay tuned today…we’re featuring another member later this afternoon! See who we featured yesterday. Still not sure what this reMEMBER campaign business is all about?? Read this. Join the conversation on twitter @ACIC


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