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#ReMEMBER Campaign Day 3 Cont'd

Hint: This institute was established in 1984 + collaborates with various organizations in PEI. Their logo includes a large red C.

Can you guess who it is??

The Basics: The Cooper Institute is a development education centre that works with "grassroots organizations which are organized for positive and progressive social, economic, political, and cultural change...The primary focus of our work is education, community development, consultation, publication, and research. All of this is directed towards empowerment of groups, individuals, and communities." They have three main program areas which include livable income, food security, and cultural diversity & inclusion


  • They take a collaborative approach to all their work

  • They seek to serve a huge variety of groups such as farmers, fishers, church groups, Acadians, women and the list continues and is growing

  • The Cooper Institute makes an impact not just in PEI, but on a national + international level! Wow!

  • Founding member, Vince Murnaghan believed "in the power of oppressed and marginalized people to create social change"

  • They have a LENDING LIBRARY filled with great resources for the public to borrow

i want to spend more time with the COOPER INSTITUTE:

  • A scholarship celebrating refugee/foreign students' work in international development

  • LOTS of resources on the domestic fair trade movement

See who we featured this morning, yesterday AND the day before.

Still not sure what this reMEMBER campaign business is all about?? Read this.

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