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ReMEMBER Campaign Day 22: International Research & Development (Dalhousie)

Hint: Like another one of our members, this member is also a part of Dalhousie university. You might know this member by its former name - Lester Pearson International (LPI). The Basics: "In 2009, Lester Pearson International became International Research & Development (IR&D). This change is part of a larger initiative to streamline, integrate and improve the provision of services to researchers within the university community. IR&D is now one of the component units of the newly-created Dalhousie Research Services. IR&D's mandate is to promote, facilitate and monitor Dalhousie’s institutional initiatives in international development and international research. In support of this mandate, IR&D provides:

  • promotion and facilitation of opportunities for international collaboration;

  • project and proposal design and development;

  • advisory support for the administration and implementation of successful projects;

  • oversight for project administration, to ensure accountability (particularly financial); and

  • an internal and external international liaison role for the university. IR&D's Director serves as the university's International Liaison Officer (ILO)."


  • an impressive list of projects on the go!

  • they are a great resource of opportunities for anyone interested in international development

  • even MORE opportunities!

i want to spend more time with IR&D:

  • Find out more about Lester Pearson, the man after which this member was originally named

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