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ReMEMBER Campaign Day 21: UPEI's IRO

Hint: This office is located at the University of PEI (UPEI). The Basics: UPEI's International Relations Office (IRO) has the great task of coordinating exchange programs and other international efforts for students at UPEI. It is guided by the Internationalization Committee whose mission is "to encourage, promote, and co-ordinate international activities through the development of strategies, policies, guidelines and programs that reflect the University’s institutional commitment to internationalization." "The overall vision of internationalization at UPEI is to strengthen and enhance existing partnerships with higher learning institutions and other relevant organizations in different parts of the globe as well as here in Canada. While emphasizing the importance of strengthening existing relationships, UPEI is also committed to exploring possible avenues for building and nurturing new relationships. In doing so, the University believes that a network of global academic and research communities could provide the necessary tools to make a positive impact on many lives through quality education and research." WHY WE LOVE UPEI's IRO:

  • An innovative way to get a campus engaged in international development issues

  • It is making an impact on both students and the communities those students serve

  • There are opportunities even over the summer months

  • We're excited to have this staff member join our BOARD

It has been an experience unlike any other and I have loved every minute of it - UPEI student i want to spend more time with UPEI's IRO:

  • Are you a student at UPEI? Why wait?

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