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ReMEMBER Campaign Day 21: CNA International Programs Office

Hint: This organization has offices and projects around the world with a large focus on China and the Middle East The Basics: The College of the North Atlantic's International Programs Office WHY WE LOVE CNA's International Office:

  • They are not restricted to working within their province. Instead, they are "open for business to the world."

  • They are making a difference for those looking for an international experience here

  • This is one of our few members with Chinese characters on their website! Talk about dedication to an international education

i want to spend more time with CNA's International Office:

  • Find out more of what is going on at CNA's Qatar office (CNA-Q)

  • Stay up to date with their Chinese projects

Read about any of our past featured organizations in the reMEMBER Campaign Continue to spread the word about our members and the reMEMBER Campaign! This is our LAST week! Be a part of our timely updates on twitter @ACIC #reMEMBERcampaign Stay tuned this week. You might be our daily feature...


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