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ReMEMBER Campaign Day 19: MI International, Marine Institute

Today is another packed day of posts for our reMEMBER Campaign. We've got ONE week to wrap up this celebration of members! On another note, if you're free this afternoon, come join us here and protect public health care! Continue to spread the word about our members and the reMEMBER Campaign! Only 1 week left! Be a part of our timely updates on twitter @ACIC #reMEMBERcampaign Stay tuned today. You just might be our daily feature... Hint: This organization is located in Newfoundland and is a part of the Marine Institute at Memorial University. Not sure what the Marine Institute is all about? Watch this clip below! [youtube=] The Basics: Marine Institute International or MI International, is the "the focal point of international activities of the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland. Through MI International, the Marine Institute participates in international projects and internationalization activities around the world and at home."

Their mission? The mission of MI International is to enhance the capacity of the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University and its community partners in the public, private and institutional sectors and overall to participate effectively in a global society and economy. Their approach? Our approach hinges on three factors:

  • A focus on quality

  • Knowledge and experience

  • Partnership


  • Check out this extensive list of projects and you'll understand why

  • Key to their approach is partnership and they have put up no barriers to who can be a partner - public, private and institutional sector organizations alike

  • Innovative programs to address poverty

i want to spend more time with MI International:

  • show their facebook page some love! They are still seeking applicants to their internship program.

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