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ReMEMBER Campaign Day 17 Continues: NSCC Centre For International Activities

Hint: This member is part of the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). It is focused on providing students, staff, faculty the opportunity to get involved in international education. The Basics:The NSCC Centre for International Activities believes...

"As globalization increases, it will be imperative that all citizens are imbued with competencies that provide them with the means to participate effectively in an increasingly globalized world. Internationalization of education and training is the process whereby colleges develop the capacity to ensure students develop the ability and knowledge to understand global geography, international forces and cross-cultural issues.

NSCC believes that internationalization is essential if the strategic goals of NSCC are to be achieved. Without international competencies, Nova Scotians will not reap the benefits of globalization, nor will they be able to manage the threats it presents. Internationalization must therefore become an integral component of the fabric of NSCC."

The key focus areas are as follows:

  • Create awareness in staff and students to the opportunities for international activity and the methods for exploring such opportunities.

  • Build internationalization into the NSCC curriculum and program delivery.

  • Provide opportunities for students, and faculty in support of students, to gain international experience through mobility programs and international projects

WHY WE LOVE the NSCC Centre:

  • A wide range of international projects from technical training programs in Eritrea to health institute partnerships in St.Lucia

  • They seek to give students a global perspective as part of their curriculum

  • Ensuring that students can make a smooth transition to the job market through these efforts

i want to spend more time with the NSCC Centre:

  • Here's what's new

  • Catch up on all their past initiatives

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