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ReMEMBER Campaign Day 15 Continues: Nova Scotia Agricultural College

Have we ever explained how much we love DeeDee's Ice Cream. They're just a couple blocks up from our main offices and we can't help but want to try ever flavor each time we head up there. One of these sunny days, take a stroll by... Hint: This afternoon's member is one of the oldest centres for agricultural research and education in the nation! You'll never find more than 12 students to 1 faculty member here. Was that enough of a hint? The Basics: The Nova Scotia Agricultural College or NSAC, is "a specialized university providing technical, undergraduate and graduate education in agriculture and its related life and social science disciplines. Our high quality research and scholarship generates knowledge and solutions for healthy, sustainable societies. Our diverse teaching, outreach and international activities help train future leaders for rural industries and communities in Atlantic Canada and around the world."


  • It's the only place to study agriculture in Atlantic Canada

  • Its scholarships + low student-to-faculty ratios result in some of the most satisfied students in the country

  • NSAC has one of the best scholarship to student ratios with 38% gaining a scholarship in 08-09

  • It's pioneering some amazing agricultural practices and placing an emphasis on understanding what practices harm the environment

i want to spend more time with NSAC:

  • Check out what NSAC alums are up to!

  • Did you know there's been a recent marriage?

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